CR7 Drive For Sport

Developed by Cristiano Ronaldo

Your High-Performance Partner for Fitness and Health!

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CR7 Drive is the brand new sports nutritional drink brought to you by one of the world's leading athletes; Cristiano Ronaldo, in conjunction with one of the world's leading nutritional suppliers; Herbalife.


Developed to help sportspeople of all ages and abilities maintain hydration during training or matches by replacing the carbohydrates-electrolytes lost through sweat during exercise.


CR7 Drive is the healthy and cost effective alternative to sugary bottled drinks that provide a sugar rush but then a sugar plummet!

CR7 Drive canisters give either 20 adult servings or 40 child servings and costs £18, so around 90p per adult serving and 45p for a child serving.

CR7 Drive for Sport will give your team that extra 20% that could make the difference between winning and losing.

CR7 Drive Sachets give either 10 adult or 20 child servings and costs £10, so £1 per adult serving and 45p per child serving.

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